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Exhibition // Mia Dudek - Geometric Shapes Dissolved. The Body Collapsed

Geometric Shape Dissolved. The Body Collapsed is an exhibition by Mia Dudek, the current resident at Tomaz Hipólito Studio. Showing photography and installation, she presents research produced during her six-months stay.


The main focus of Mia Dudek's work is addressing the legacy of brutalist architecture and its relationship to the body, investigating notions of displacement and 'organ habitation’. The work asks: Can a dwelling considered to be a body with skin and entrails? Is the body a form of erotic architecture? The artist investigates the notion of broken physicality and represents the abstracted, fragmented body, detaching and renormalising it into new structures. Restrictive environments are inescapable but also contain otherwise formless and fluid bodies that threaten to spill over the borders of inanimate structures.

The veins in Mia Dudek’s depicted models’ skin conjure a sense of fragility and allude to a translucent and corporeal surface that has sensitivity to touch. She confronts not only her photographic works but also viewers with works like Body Recasts, a large concrete structures through which Dudek has echoed the texture of the skin, metamorphosing and embodying sensory consciousness to an unyielding, inanimate object. Her work tries to build a physical poetics of holes as conduits for an engagement with the audience to address questions of boundaries and proximity. At the same time, these elements suggest ‘glory holes’, holes located in partition walls made to facilitate anonymous sex between humans, and generate further a discussion of detached sexuality.

Dudek's work expands the conventions of photography, by making physical installations that incorporate concrete, latex and security barriers which are in a in creative tension with the photographic print.

Later Event: February 20